The Intelligent Industry ecosystem expands into the forest industry

Metsäteho accelerates the wood procurement data economy


Intelligent Industry ecosystem offers new viewpoints and possibilities for the data economy of wood procurement. Photo Shutterstock

Cooperation between leading industrial companies promoting the data economy is expanding to the forest industry. Metsäteho, jointly owned development company in the field, joins the Intelligent Industry ecosystem, which focuses on data sharing, intelligent autonomous systems, advanced analytics, ecosystem business models and human-machine collaboration in the world of artificial intelligence.
Metsäteho supports the development of its shareholders’ wood procurement and wood production operations and improves the operational preconditions for wood supply. Metsäteho’s objectives include promoting the building of next generation forest resource and road information ecosystems, developing methods for analyzing and using the data and creating sharing and platform solutions.
“Public sector and wood procurement chain produces vast amount of data, and public-private partnership co-operate well, but platform, which compose both public and privately owned data for the data processing, data distribution and external software, is missing. Intelligent Industry ecosystem offers new viewpoints and possibilities for the data economy of wood procurement,” says Metsäteho’s Research Director Jukka Malinen.”
Metsäteho is owned by Harvestia Oy, Koskisen, Kuhmo Oy, Metsähallitus Metsätalous Oy, Metsä Group, Pölkky Oy, Stora Enso Oyj, Tornator Oyj, UPM-Kymmene Oyj, Versowood Oy and Yksityismetsätalouden Työnantajat ry.

Data economy affects all industries

“It is great that the operating models and results developed in the Intelligent Industry ecosystem can also be distributed to the forest industry sector. The challenges posed by the data economy affect all industries and it is good for us to learn from each other. In this way, we keep Finnish companies at the top internationally,” says Antti Karjaluoto, Disruptive Intelligence Officer at DIMECC.
Founded in 2017, Intelligent Industry has launched data sharing -focused research and development programs such as Industrial Data Excellence (InDEx), as well as training programs focused on data utilization and new data-driven business, such as the Machine Learning Academy.
“The ecosystem is heavily involved in various international networks that contribute to standardization work. One example is the International Data Spaces Association IDSA. We are also involved in creating the basis for a common European data ecosystem through the GAIA-X project,” says Kari Muranen, Senior Ecosystem Lead at DIMECC.
The Business Model Academy, which begins in the fall, responds to the demand among ecosystem companies to increase companies’ internal knowledge of data business models. There are also new research and development programs prepared around data utilization.
In addition to Metsäteho, Intelligent Industry includes Fastems, HT Laser, Glaston, Konecranes, Nokia, Prima Power, Raute and TietoEVRY. Ecosystem is financed by the participating companies and Business Finland.