Ecosystem Management Board is the most representative governing body of the ecosystem making or approving the most fundamental decisions, such as the decisions concerning the implementation of the roadmap, cooperation with ecosystem, and approval of new parties to the ecosystem. Even though ecosystem is open ecosystem, it is required that Management Board ensures that all new parties are willing to operate according to commonly agreed ecosystem rules and committed to drive common good of the ecosystem.  

The Management Board will be responsible for definition of strategic targets of the ecosystem and the preparation of ecosystem roadmaps forming the basis for ecosystem activities. 

The Management Board shall also supervise the development work of the ecosystem to facilitate effective progress towards achieving the planned outcomes and impacts.  

Management Board: 

Juha Pankakoski, Executive Vice President, Technologies
Markku Häivälä, Director, Research & Innovation * Chairman of FAMN Management Board
Mikko Uuskoski, Managing Director
Juha Kuusela, Software Advisor
Minna Kurunsaari, Executive Vice President
Jouni Sirkka, R&D Director
Matti Saarinen, R&D Project and Portfolio Manager
HT Laser
Minna Kurunsaari, Executive Vice President
Tuuli Ahava, Director Application Program, Digital Automation
Prima Power
Esko Petäjä, R&D Manager
Lars Maura, Head of Business Development
Juha Päivike, Director, Logistics Chain Management
Technology Industries of Finland
Erkki Ahola, Director New Technologies