Five FAMN focus areas

1. Facilitation 2. Competence Development
  • FAMN maps the identified development needs and competitiveness needs of companies, education and research institutes and existing manufacturing ecosystems and clusters.
  • On the basis of these results, FAMN develops an innovation agenda for the manufacturing industry and an implementation plan for it
  • FAMN promotes the availability of skilled resources and raises the quality of skills, as well as enhances the attractiveness and diversity of the industry.​
  • Together with training and research institutes, FAMN will create regional business cooperation structures with agreed division of labor.​
3. Innovation Funding 4. Acceleration
  • FAMN network has technological know-how, on the basis of which it supports the launch of companies joint research and innovation projects and cooperation with universities and research institutes.
  • Promoting cooperation between companies in the network: FAMN helps companies to accelerate product development, launch innovation activities and exploit the potential of digitalisation.​
5. RDI infrastructures
  • FAMN acquires the latest technology and research data for the benefit of companies and companies and research organizations as a centers of excellence.​
  • Concentrations of expertise are company-led and can also consist of companies alone.