The Finnish Advanced Manufacturing Network (FAMN) is a company-led open ecosystem for Finnish manufacturing and ICT companies aiming to improve the global competitiveness of industrial companies and accelerating their sustainable renewal and digitalisation.

In FAMN, the member companies are at the drivers seat and work together to set focus areas. All partners have a management board seat and can propose and and participate in co-creation initiatives such as RD&I projects, infra initiatives, training etc. FAMN also collaborates closely with research institutions on project basis.

Story of Finnish Advanced Manufacturing Network:

The Finnish Advanced Manufacturing Network (FAMN) is the result of long preparatory work. In the latest phase, Technology Industries of Finland assembled a preparation group of companies, which drew up an action plan for the network to be established.

The FAMN network has been prepared at the initiative of Technology Industries of Finland member companies and under their leadership. The study group recorded as one of the objectives of the network that ‘World-class centres of expertise and quality infrastructures inspire Finns and attract foreigners’. This goal sets the bar suitably high.

Technology Industries of Finland hopes that as many companies or partner companies in the industry as possible will familiarise themselves with the initiative and seriously consider joining the network.

Official launch of Finnish Advanced Manufacturing Network (FAMN) was in November 2021.

Technology Industries of Finland press release: FAMN

Finnish Advanced Manufacturing Network (FAMN) uses the structures of former Intelligent Industry ecosystem, which was established in 2018 and has provided multiple projects in industrial digitalisation and training academies.

Examples from ongoing FAMN services and past projects:

Machine Learning Academy (MLA)

Business Model Academy (BMA)

Data- ja tekokiihdyttämö

Industrial Data Excellence (InDEx) project