FAMN organizes machine learning training and data accelerator for companies

FAMN: Machine Learning Academy 2022 starts in October!
Machine Learning Academy (MLA) is aimed for professionals working in the industry. It includes diverse learning modules from ML algorithms to ethics, and from designing and managing artificial intelligence (AI) projects to implementing AI in the company business. The goal of the training is to increase the participants’ understanding of how to utilize AI and machine learning in their company. After the course, participants will have understanding of the fundamentals of Machine Learning, as well as the ability to recognize and manage development tasks that aim to benefit from Machine Learning.

MLA will be done in co-operation with Futurice Oy. There will be six (6) full-day workshops (from 9:30 to 16:30), which will be held in Tampere or in the Helsinki area. The estimated effort required from the participants is 35 hours of training + time spent with own project work. Workshop dates are the following:
– Workshop #1 (AI Crash course): Tuesday, October 11, 2022 (in Helsinki)
– Workshop #2 (Supervised Learning): Thursday, October 27, 2022 (in Helsinki)
– Workshop #3 (Data & Ethics and legislation): Thursday, November 3, 2022 (in Helsinki)
– Workshop #4 (Unsupervised learning and deep Learning): Tuesday, November 15, 2022 (in Helsinki)
– Workshop #5 (How to do ML Projects): Tuesday, November 22, 2022 (in Tampere)
– Workshop #6 (Project work presentations): Tuesday, December 13, 2022 (in Helsinki at Futurice premises)
More information is available on MLA web page. Most of the available 30 seats are already taken, but there are still a few seats for quick movers. The price is 4 000 € (VAT 0 %) per seat.

Data Accelerator 2022 helps manufacturing SMEs leverage data to grow their business.

The Finnish Advanced Manufacturing Network (FAMN), in cooperation with Technology Industries of Finland and Silo AI, will implement a data accelerator for SMEs . The accelerator utilizes tried and tested data economy models, and its aim is to help manufacturing SMEs use data to grow their businesses.

We are primarily looking for organizations that already have some idea about the use of data and artificial intelligence and understand their potential for business development . Participating organizations must also have the desire to develop their capabilities in bringing data projects into production through peer support and sparring.

Together with top AI and data experts, participating companies will have the opportunity to develop a way for using data, creating a view of the business, and helping the company accelerate the use of digitalization.

Data mapping provides a basis for streamlining operations with AI-based analysis and optimization tools. In addition, good data capabilities increase the value of the company as a valuable business partner and are a prerequisite for the company’s future competitiveness.

The first data accelerator was implemented in 2021 and it collected excellent feedback from participants. Silo AI has been chosen as the supplier for the accelerator in 2022. Silo AI’s experts have first-hand experience of data projects in SMEs.

Data accelerator 2022 implementation principles:

– Data accelerator 2022 will be implemented during October-December 2022 and it will accommodate 10 SMEs .

– The working method of the accelerator is workshops and peer-to-peer learning between companies. Silo AI’s experts are responsible for facilitating the workshops.

– The lessons from data accelerator 2022 will be documented and shared – respecting confidential information and trade secrets – for use by others as an industrial data playbook. You can find the 2021 playbook here (in Finnish only).

Got interested? Please contact:

– Antti Karjaluoto, antti.karjaluoto(at)dimecc.com , tel. +358 40 7725440

– Kari Muranen, kari.muranen(at)dimecc.com , tel. +358 40 7725934