Common Roadmap for Advancing Smart Manufacturing

The technology industry, which includes manufacturing, is Finland’s largest export sector and most important industry. In many respects, the future of our prosperity rests on it. Sustainable manufacturing creates the world of tomorrow.

A common roadmap for smart manufacturing, has been formed by Finnish Advanced Manufacturing Ecosystem and two other Finnish industrial ecosystems. The roadmap shows the direction for development and sets the framework for forward-looking innovation and knowledge development activities towards the next industrial revolution.

The roadmap themes are
(a) smart manufacturing
(b) new work
(c) green manufacturing
(d) a strong supply network
(e) new manufacturing technologies and paradigms
(f) autonomy and automation

In the transition phase of manufacturing industry, the key questions are:

How does manufacturing support and contribute to enabling the digital and green transition?
How can the changing needs of customers be met more quickly and accurately?
How to increase resilience to unpredictable changes in the operating environment, e.g. global crises?
Can Finnish manufacturing create new value in its products to differentiate itself in global competition and what does this new value involve?

The Roadmap and Its Purpose

The digital and green transformation is a systemic change that requires a systemic way of doing things. This is why a common roadmap describing and guiding the objective is important. Joint action across the boundaries of individual actors and an ecosystem approach are essential. A common roadmap will help to steer manufacturing development in an industry-led direction rather than fragmented and piecemeal development efforts.

The further development of the roadmap will also be opened to new actors with the aim of building a common vision for Finnish manufacturing.

Download the roadmap as pdf from Business Finland website (in Finnish) here.

Read the article about the roadmap from Business Finland website (in Finnish) here.