SSAB joins the DIMECC Intelligent Industry Ecosystem network

Intelligent Industry is a new innovative ecosystem which brings together leading Finnish actors in the manufacturing industry and digital services providers. SSAB has joined the network in order to develop its business model for the distribution of information in the value chain and to link up with similar international initiatives.

“Our main aim as a member of the Intelligent Industry Ecosystem is to carry out pilot projects on intercompany digital communication together with other ecosystem members. In the same context, digital communication practices are being planned at an international level.

Future customer value will be created not just by tangible products, but also by associated digital services. This means that SSAB will supply increasingly more information as well as steel. These solutions can only be developed with other actors in the value chain. Membership of the ecosystem is part of SSAB’s SmartSteel concept,” said Niko Korte Senior Manager, Digital Business Development, at SSAB.

DIMECC Ltd is an innovation hub for digitalizing industry in Finland, bringing together top expertise from research and industry.

Intelligent Industry is an innovative ecosystem connecting leading equipment and solution manufacturers and providers of digital solutions to drive and to realize the immense opportunities of the emerging new era of Intelligent Industry. The primary aim of Intelligent Industry Ecosystem is to lead the way towards a new era of networked, information driven and autonomous value systems that flexibly adapt to changing operating environments and user needs. Key players in the Intelligent Industry Ecosystem are Cargotec, Fastems, HT Laser, Konecranes, Nokia, Ponsse, Prima Power, Raute, SSAB and Tieto

The idea behind SmartSteel is to make available data and instructions relating to any steel item wherever that item is processed. Each link in the production chain can then utilize and add to this data. This improves the efficiency of our customers’ product processes and supply chain management as well as creating a basis for a circular and a platform economy.

SmartSteel is helping to create the basis on which to build ecosystems for the manufacturing industry. In future, data collected by different parties could be combined to enable a great leap towards transparency and sustainability, whilst creating a basis for a digital platform economy.