Skills and innovation network for manufacturing industries established – Companies invited to join

The Finnish Advanced Manufacturing Network (FAMN), designed at the initiative of Technology Industries of Finland’s member companies, is starting work, and companies are invited to join it. The network is oriented towards and led by companies, and it will be managed by DIMECC Ltd, a collaboration platform provider for industry.
“FAMN has designed superb tools for improving the global competitiveness of companies. Transforming industry and pioneering technologies are very important themes for ensuring that Finnish manufacturing industry is among the best in the world,” says Jaakko Hirvola, CEO of Technology Industries of Finland.

FAMN is the outcome of long-term preparatory work. In the latest phase, Technology Industries of Finland convened a study group of companies in the spring to prepare an action plan for the new network.

“FAMN was set up at the initiative of our member companies and under their leadership. The study group decided that one of the network’s goals should be ‘World-class clusters of knowledge and high-quality infrastructure will inspire Finnish people and attract foreign nationals’. This goal puts the bar suitably high.”

Hirvola hopes that as many of the sector’s companies or partner companies as possible will read into the initiative and seriously consider joining the network.

Aiming for shared networks, projects and even procurement

In order to achieve its stated goal, FAMN will seek to integrate new and existing networks in the manufacturing industry and ICT sector. The network will instigate and manage initiatives around topics such as automation, data, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

A further goal is for members of the network to plan and implement joint RDI projects, share information on regulatory and industrial standards, and work together to boost the attractiveness, diversity and brand of manufacturing industries.

“Mutual collaboration between companies and cooperation between companies, universities and research institutes are part of our concept,” says the study group’s secretary, Heikki Kuutti Uusitalo, Head of Innovation Policy at Technology Industries of Finland.

“The idea is for FAMN to begin actively filling in the gaps that companies identify in their ecosystems. Companies in the network could pool their procurements of new technology and research equipment for joint use. Funding is available for this as part of the EU recovery package.”

Uusitalo says that accelerating the pace of product development among SMEs, initiating innovation activities and harnessing digitalisation are overarching themes in the network’s action plan.

Network activities implemented by DIMECC

DIMECC Ltd, an industrial collaboration platform provider, won a competitive tendering process to become the party responsible for FAMN. DIMECC will build FAMN by expanding existing Intelligent Industry ecosystem.

“In my opinion, we have identified an excellent solution that will avoid creating overlapping or competing structures. Finland does not have space for too many actors. This was an important message from companies throughout the preparation of FAMN,” Uusitalo says.

The network’s activities will be decided upon and financed by member companies. The membership fees are staggered according to the company’s size, and they depend on the number of participating companies. Business Finland will also be approached for funding. Technology Industries of Finland supports the network in a background role, and it will participate in the work of FAMN’s management team.

Any companies that are interested in joining the network or would like further information should contact DIMECC Oy’s contact persons. The network is scheduled to begin operating at the turn of the year.

Company contacts concerning network membership:

Antti Karjaluoto, Disruptive Renewal Officer, DIMECC Oy, tel. +358 40 772 5440, antti.karjaluoto(at)
Kari Muranen, Senior Ecosystem Lead, DIMECC Oy, tel. +358 40 772 5934, kari.muranen(at)


Link to the news at Technology Industries of Finland webpage