Blog: Advanced connectivity platforms facilitate productivity and co-creation

The Technology CEO Council has identified the great potential for productivity growth in a physical economy enabled by digitalization. In this post, we highlight the role of connectivity in facilitating efficiency. A combination of connectivity and computing provides a basis for innovation and co-creation between stakeholders.

An evolution towards Industry 4.0 is underway in the manufacturing industry, spearheaded by highly automated car manufacturers. Internet of Things (IoT) use cases can be implemented in production environments with fixed lines, but wireless connectivity is required to take full advantage of digital transformation. Advanced private networks built on LTE and 5G provide flexibility through reconfigurable production lines and unifying use cases onto a single managed multi-service high-availability connectivity platform.

There is a great deal of interest in artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) and its potential to automate and enhance the effectiveness of processes ranging from customer interfaces to production lines. AI/ML also opens up the value network innovation potential related to sharing and enriching data and sharing ML models, to provide just a couple of examples. The edge computing capabilities of 5G are an enabler for low-latency AI/ML coupled with connectivity use cases.

The future opportunity lies in supporting strategic differentiation for manufacturers in a co-creation ecosystem that consists of customers, core business suppliers, communication system providers (CSPs), public cloud providers, and ICT vendors. Leveraging AI/ML connectivity between stakeholders and edge computing in different scenarios is key to facilitating ecosystem flexibility. Understanding the opportunities and future baseline requirements benefits form opportunities for stakeholders to pool their understanding in focused application areas.

Nokia is a proud member of the Intelligent Industry ecosystem. Intelligent Industry is an innovative ecosystem focusing on value co-creation and connecting leading Finnish equipment manufacturers and digital solutions providers to drive and realize the immense opportunities in the industrial data economy and digital transformation.

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Vilho Räisänen

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